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Skulls-N-Roses Sugar Cubes | Pink Roses


Skulls-N-Roses Sugar Cubes 

Whether you're gonna Rock this Town or just out Cruisn' on a Sunday Afternoon, these sugar cubes will blow you & your friend's minds. Skulls-N-Roses Sugar Cubes feature Dem Bones Classic Sugar Cube Skulls and Sugar Roses in your color choice. Each sugar cube is moulded in small batches and hand packed with love. Dem Bones Sugar Cube Skulls "the original" since 2010

• Pure Cane Sugar
• AmeriColor Food Coloring
• Each Skull measures 1/2" X 1' and is slightly more than 2 teaspoons of sugar
• You are buying  1 Box of Sugar Cubes
• 5 Skulls & 8 Roses per box

Pink Rose
Purple Roses
Red Roses

~ Perfect for the nonconformist in all of us
~ Fit for that deadly cup a joe
~ A perfect way to greet every morning
~ A little soul in every cup
~ Indulge your sweet tooth
~ Seize the day with a little skull in your morning brew

This new and improved formula features ultra fine sugar for a more detailed skull and rose. This is the ideal sugar cube for coffee, tea or any hot beverage. I do not recommend these for absinthe due to the food coloring.

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