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Absinthe Sugar Cubes / Bulk Box 36 Skull Sugar Cubes


Absinthe Sugar Cubes 1 Bulk Box - 36 Skull Sugar Cubes

These hauntingly sweet little skulls complement any affair. Use them whenever you are in the mood or for a special occasion. With a whole box of sugar cube skulls you can afford share. Dem Bones Sugar Cube Skulls "the original" since 2010. 


One Lump or Two?
~ Indulge the green fairy with a special cocktail
~ A great gift for your friend that has EVERYTHING
~ Wedding favors or bridesmaids gift
~ Set your table for an absinthe party
~ Hex your friends on Halloween
~ Perfect favors for any special event
~ Absinthe is our friend

The same great sugar cube skull you have grown to love, made with ultra fine pure cane sugar. Excellent for use with absinthe. Dissolves with cold water in classic absinthe cocktail preparations or any cold beverage. This is NOT a flavored sugar.

CLASSIC SUGAR (see other bulk box listing)

This is the ideal sugar cube for coffee, tea or any hot beverage.

• 100% pure sugar
• No flavoring as been added
• Each Skull measures 1/2" X 1' and is slightly more than 2 teaspoons of sugar
• You are buying Boxes of Sugar Cube Skulls (36 sugar cubes per box)
• Sugar has no "shelf life" it can be stored forever, however I recommend using these within 2 years. Humidity and direct sunlight may also have an effect on their length of storage.

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