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Loose Leaf Tea, Wake the Dead Tea, English Breakfast and Green Tea Blend


Wake the dead with this vigorous cup and start your morning off right.

This rich black tea creates a full-bodied, robust infusion. It's further enhanced by gunpowder green tea, adding smoky notes and a lingering citrus flavor. It's strong enough to hold it's own with a dash of cream and Dem Bones Sugar Cube Skulls. 

INGREDIENTS: Black Tea Blend (camellia sinesis), Gunpowder Green Tea
(camellia sinesis).

• 1.5oz bag of tea
• Loose tea (not tea bags)
• Contains Caffeine 
• Does not contain artificial flavor or colorants

Use approximately one rounded teaspoon per 8 oz of boiling water. For best flavor do not overfill tea balls. Brew for 3-5 minutes. If you wish a stronger cup of tea we suggest adding more tea or less water - instead of brewing longer. Brewing longer may create a bitter tase.

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This listing is for our Large Size Bag 
smaller size tea is available in gift sets
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